Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hospital Photos

The first night in the hospital, when we were alone in a two-bed room. Erica was with us that evening. Amy was still quite happy at this stage, especially with Erica there to amuse her. And being the only ones in the room, we could let Erica run around. The next day, in the four-bed room, the door was often left open so we had to keep chasing her or trying to hold her - not easy at her age! But after a few days, we felt more comfortable in the room, more like it was 'our' room and less like we were intruding on others' space. Especially after all the kids there when we came left, and new kids came. Then I felt like I could go up and shut the door, open and shut curtains, turn lights on and off.

Lena was left with the difficult task of taking care of three of the dolls at home. Mell-chan went to the hospital with Amy.

The kid in the other bed. He was five, and the child of a woman who owns a bar I used to frequent before we were married! I didn't recognize her at first out of her night-time make-up. Amy and Takuma made friends and played with dinosaurs, but he preferred his hand-held game and she preferred her coloring. I hope you can get some sense of how small the room is from this photo - a wall on the far side of Takuma's TV, and Amy is standing right in front of the second bed.

Amy on her bed. Her space goes from that curtain to the window on the far side of the TV table. Her lunch tray is on the table. She liked the meals, but got a bit sick of them. I made her a mince pie on Thursday, and bought her McDonald's on Saturday, and also brought her fruit, yogurt, and chocolate cake (the one she's making in the video below where Erica is dancing to the mixer). You can also see her Pokemon pillow. I brought the pillow from home as the only one they provide is a little hard sack of grain. I also brought a bottom sheet, as they only change the sheets once a week, and her favorite blanket, the yellow one. You can see these in teh photo below. I also had to bring chopsticks and other cutlery and even a glass for her water. Also, all our own tolietries. The only thing they provide is water, hot and cold, but you have to go get it yourself in the kitchenette. We also had to bring our own towels.

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