Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentine's Day

I know, it's a whole week late, but we did have a very nice Valentine's Day! The weather was superb, so the kids played outside most of the day, coming in just long enough to get Daddy's chocolate ready. We chose a very simple method of using lollies and things to decorate a plain block of chocolate.

I made the blue one.
Amy had other ideas though. She melted a block of chocolate, then dripped it onto a cooking sheet to make a chocolate cookie, decorated with silver balls and other sweets.

Amy's and Lena's efforts. Lena made the white one, slightly adapted from the book we were using, and Amy did hers freestyle. They are decorated with marshmallows.

Here Amy and Lena are copying an old photo of me sitting at our kitchen table, bathed, pajama'ed and ready for bed, hands together in a little prayer. So here are MY little angels. Right, the table ready for our feast - we had crumbed chicken nuggets, potatoes and gravy for dinner, followed by chocolate fondue. We were utterly unable to make a start on the other chocolate, which all went back in the fridge to pick at over the next week.

Dad with the girls, and me with the girls.

OH MY GOD YUM!!!The chocolate fondue went extremely well with Bailey's. The fondue was delicious, and I did NOT use the Ghana chocolate or the recipe that comes with this set, I used another double chocolate fondue recipe I found in a magazine. We ate it with bananas, strawberries and green tea castella (madeira cake). Yes, green tea! I had recieved the castella a while ago and froze it, and defrosted it on the day. I had no idea until I opened it just before we ate that it was green tea flavored! Never mind, it was delicious.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the gals had a blast1

anchan said...

Didn't know you had a blog - I just found you! I love the decorated choccie bars, very artistic. My boys would love that, might have a go on Easter Sunday. Ahhh, chocolate...

Rachel said...

AAhhh, Anchan, took a bit of searching before I twigged who you are! The chocolate bars are deceptively simple, and rather impressive looking! Did you see someone said FBC has Cadbury creme eggs? Waiting, waiting for EASTER!

Anonymous said...

Who has Cadbury? Where? Oh I NEED and miss them so!!!

Rachel said...

Someone said FBC express, whatever that is, had them, though for $15 postage! I think the message was on MIJ. I searched FBC's corner shop, and it's all Hershey's