Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Try this: Type "(yourname)likes to" into google and report back on the first ten hits. Oh, and take your name off the blog, if you don't want to keep hitting your blog again next time!

Me, well I...

...likes to keep her two lines of work separate. But I never forget that she’s a teacher when we’re hanging out after hours.

...likes to "boo" the "bad rhinos"!

...likes to just try underwear on in the middle of the store

...likes to play around with her look

...likes to sing and make up funny songs using the tunes of old familiar songs and adding goofy lyrics

...likes to ride her bike, play tennis, and hang out with her puppy Brewster

...likes to write about silly things that she has no idea is people will read or not

...likes to cook. and sew,

...likes to keep her private life private but she was starting to let her guard down with Deputy Head Eddie Lawson.

And my darling husband!

...likes to stir the pot

...likes to have fun all day, he just loves to play and play!

...likes to laze in the sun, but he still loves having fun!

...likes to sew and do various crafts but takes up acting tough in order to seem more manly.

...likes to cook, clean, and sew. ...

...likes to make up fake riddles and when someone gives and answer that could be correct he says that they are correct

...likes to laze about with him widdo tongue stickin out a teeeensy bit.

...likes to play soccer, it is basically the only thing he does besides talking

...likes to train, eat dumplings, play soccer and winning


Anonymous said...

This is hella funny Rachel!

Slime said...

This was fun, and so funny! Thanks! LMAO, my name came up in several.....naughty......places!