Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back Home Again

We are home, and Erica is fine, apart from great big bandages on her left hand and foot that stop her from walking or doing a number of things. They are now watching Doraemon. I'm guessing there will be a LOT of movies and cartoons being watched around here for the next two weeks!

We are due back at the hospital next Wednesday for a dressing change and progress report. Not looking forward to that, I hope they sedate her actually. We'll see when the time comes. Until then we just have to try to prevent her walking - there is a boot plaster on her foot, but we were advised to try to keep her off it anyway. It's a big wound and for the first few days at least, I don't want to risk damaging it.

Her hand she just has no hope of using, except for bonking her sisters on the head. Yes, she has discovered that one use already! And she's already figuring out what she can and can't do with one hand - drink, yes, eat, yes a bit, get a cracker out of a packet, maybe, open a packet, no. She just explained to Amy that Amy had to open her packet of snacks as she couldn't because it was 'too much' she said, gesturing to her wrapped up left hand, which looks kind of like a bear paw with the fingers all splayed out poking out like claws.

She still has a slight fever and is sleepy and VERY moody, talk about turning into the Queen of Sheba! I hope her mood improves, but then again I don't blame her for feeling out of sorts, going to sleep in a strange room with people with funny blue hats and waking up IN PAIN and unable to use your hand and foot, with Mummy saying "the doctor fixed your hand" and you're thinking, "what? you call this whopping great thing fixed? Besides, there was nothing wrong with it in the first place. And what do you call this stupid thing on my foot? You said nothing about fixing my foot too!"

Here she is, being waited on by a very kind and patient Amy:


Anonymous said...

Welcome home although I expect the hardest is to come for you now,trying to keep all in place and Erica occupied! LOVE the video of Erica and Amy.Classic!

Good luck with keeping Erica off her foot.My youngest broke her leg last year and as soon as we returned from the hopsital ,she was up and about!

Enjoy all those DVDs, and Doreamon again and again;).

Vicky said...

Poor chickie! She totally deserves to be the queen of the household while she's feeling so sore. You have wonderful girls - they are such good big sisters. Tell them so from me, please!