Monday, August 15, 2011

A Toddler's Job

I'm constantly amazed by Erica's whole-hearted effort and adaptability as she negotiates her new reality with an arm and leg tied up. She forges ahead, trying to do things on her own, and if she can't she just as readily accepts that and asks for help. Then I reflected, this is just the norm for a toddler, they're all like that all the time.

Last night we went to a friend's house for dinner, so the girls could get their yukatas on and go to their neighborhood obon dancing. Erica and I stayed in the house, apart from one small walk down the street. I had intended to take her, but it finished before I expected. As we arrived she saw the park, and asked if she could dance, but I said she couldn't, because of her foot. Two seconds later she had the solution 'Mummy hold me and dancing'. On the other hand, I didn't really want to have to field the inevitable barrage of questions. I still haven't come up with the perfect concise, complete answer that will save me having to repeat the same conversation over and over.

It's been a long day, Erica spent about two hours on YouTube while I sorted my jewellery and watched documentaries narrated by Morgan Freeman. He has such a nice voice, I think he should narrate bedtime stories, or hypnosis tapes. Erica's kindy teacher visited at about 2pm, which Lena LOVED. She went a bit crazy actually.

I selected a week's worth of recipes yesterday, intending to do the whole week's shopping some time today, but didn't get a chance. The day ended in a big rush with running around in the car doing errands, picking up the girls and managing to slip into the shop for a few essentials before picking McD's for dinner.

I showered Erica and now they're eating ice cream and watching a Disney movie. The day ends peacefully.

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