Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gung-ho to grumbling to ghosts

I was surprised to hear the sound of her drinking from a water bottle this morning. I rolled over and found she had figured out how to open the bottle, steadying the bottle against her arm bandage! I decided to try feigning sleep in the hope she'd get the message, but the next thing I heard was what is going to become the very distinctive clump/thwack of her crawling. Towards the door. Towards the stairs. That got me out of bed pretty quickly!

She started the day out okay, but got increasingly grumpy as the day went by. Some things are becoming clearer. It hurts her foot to have it hanging, so she does not like eating her meals at the table, or going to the toilet. When I carry her, she prefers a cradle hold. While she will sit up and do an activity, eat, or crawl across the floor for something, she gets tired quickly and wants to lie down again. Turns out the TV IS going to be our major recovery aide. Problem with that is that Amy and Lena get TV googly eyed, and don't do their homework.

It's obon, the festival of the dead, where we put out lanterns to guide the ancestor spirits home for a visit and feast in their honor. Which means we all pile round to Aunty Toyoko's (who has the butsudan, the Buddhist family altar in her home) for sushi and pizza. No men. It's certainly true in this family that women are the bearers of culture. Kanji had to work, as his staff wanted to take time off for the holiday. And Jiichan was sadly in hospital, though he called and talked to everyone. Toyoko's kids (Kanji's cousins) didn't come home. We don't see Mie and her family as they celebrate family occasions with her husband's family. So it was Baachan, Toyoko, me and the three girls. Eventually we called a staff member H-chan to come and eat the leftover sushi and pizza - Toyoko had catered for the WHOLE family, not just the few who turned up.

Before he turned up, we were all sure we heard a voice call 'Konban-wa' from the genkan (entrance)... but no-body was there. Okay, so there was a house just over the street (meaning 3 metres away) it could be, but it was also the festival of the dead... I remember Jiichan toasting the ancestors last year. So I told scared Lena to call out Irrashaimase (welcome) and kampai (cheers), just in case it was long-dead Great-grandfather come to call.

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Vicky said...

She sounds very resourceful and clever! I'm glad that things are settling and you are finding a new rhythm. Her body is going through a tremendous lot of healing, I think that takes a lot of energy, not even thinking about the pain aspect of things.

I am so impressed by your big girls! What lovely sisters/daughters they are! Please do tell them from me how much I respect them for all the love and care they are showing to you all right now. I know you are rightly proud of them.

Happy obon - enjoy the rest of the holidays! Harry goes back on Monday. Boo.