Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Two

Funny ending to the day yesterday. It was Thursday, usually the day we go to Haradas to teach the kids English. I had told the kids at least last week that we would be on holiday for the next few weeks, but somehow the parents missed the message, and the Mum called us at six, just as I was getting Erica's pyjamas upstairs actually. As it turned out both sets of girls begged, and they ended up coming for dinner. Kanji had already made some curry and we had sashimi, so Harada Mum turned up with the kids and some beer!

Yuki was a bit afraid of Erica, would not go near her, and turned to his mother for cuddles. I think Erica was a bit sad about that, as she loves him. She enjoyed having all the kids around her though. Harada papa came later on, and after a few drinks and some curry, they went home - minus the girls, who begged and begged again, and Kanji said they could stay the night while I was upstairs making sure the aircon was on. So, I made him get their futons stay down with them and I went to bed with Erica!

Today, me and Erica woke at 6:30 am. She was pretty happy, talking away as usual. I brought her downstairs, but the girls had slept so late they stayed asleep until after nine. They went home before lunch, so we had a more peaceful afternoon. Erica got increasingly moody, then fell asleep on the sofa - for three hours! This is so unlike her, I can only credit her exhaustion from all she's been through.

After she woke, we all went for a walk. We needed to get out of the house! Amy asked her if she was happy, and she said, no, she's sad. When she saw her Daddy, after we got back, she told him it hurt. Several times during the day she cried out in pain or in fear at the 'spiders'. So, now it's dinner time, and medicine time, and the countdown to bedtime again. While she used to take her medicine so well, and take the powder in her mouth, she's turned against it and we had to force it into her last night. She was against taking her temperature too, while she normally does that by herself for fun! We've turned our good little patient into a scared, oppositional one. Sigh. One day down... how many more to go?

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