Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Day at Home

Erica's doing so well, she climbed down the stairs this morning, learned to walk not long after, and was running by afternoon. It's like going through all her baby stages at lightning speed! I'd forgotten how busy she is, how all over the place she is - she just called me to save her from getting stuck in a box.

I think this is pretty much our last long day at home - hospital tomorrow, I have to go get my new license on Wednesday, then work on Thursday and Friday, then back to school next week. It's been okay, I got a few jobs done, Amy and Lena did some more homework and got started on their summer craft:

Amy is building a fairy house, with furniture made out of little twigs. She's using my old laundry basket, which was falling apart.

Lena is building a castle out of stone, with a garden.

Erica having a whale of a time with a small pile of stones, two cups and a bowl. I'm not sure if she's made rattles yet at kindy, but if she hasn't, then it was pretty clever of her to figure out that we could use tape to seal the two cups and keep the stones in. She went and got the tape, and instructed me on what to do, as she can't use the tape herself.

We had roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas and gravy for dinner. It was divine, and I was amazed at just HOW much the kids LOVED it, and ate it all up until there was not a drop left of anything. I put aside a plate for Kanji first, it's in the microwave, but I'm secretly hoping he doesn't eat it and I can have it later, when the kids aren't watching...

The Great Jelly Tip experiment Part III failed. I was unable to get the finished ice block out of the moulds, as the ice cream was too soft. But the jelly was fairly good, not as good as the real thing, but not like frozen ice either. I ended up serving it in a plate with the mushed up ice cream, with the melted chocolate drizzled on top. It was a delicious dessert anyway, BUT back to the drawing board for the jelly tips. I'm assuming the way to go would be to use a mould that can open up, or even to shape them by hand and wrap them in foil to harden them before dipping them in chocolate. Watch this space.

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