Monday, August 08, 2011

Day Before....

Erica's surgery is tomorrow, barring any last-minute complications, like picking up the bug Lena has. She had a low fever and sore throat, it wasn't anything I would normally worry about but I took her to the hospital anyway just in case, hoping it doesn't pass on to Erica!

We also need to see Jiichan today as he is going back to hospital too on Wednesday. Looks like Amy and Lena will be spending a lot of time in the car with Daddy as he drives back and forth to the hospital. I will be staying with Erica.

I'm pretty much nearly all packed and ready. Seven bags!!!

One for clothes, fresh clothes for me, spare pants, dresses and nappies for Erica, and towels for both of us for the bath.

Then a big bag full of toys and books to keep us both amused.

A kitchen bag with snacks, tea, coffee and breakfast cereal for me. I can't survive on bakery items and convenience store food the whole time, so I'm bringing breakfast cereal with me! Plus tissues, wet tissues, and towels for wiping. And her asthma meds (lungs sounding clear, so no worries on that count).

Then there's the bedding. They only change the sheets once a week, so a sheet for the bed for during the day, and a pillow "for Erica", really for me....

Toilet bag with toothbrushes, etc.

My handbag, with ipad and iphone, cash to pay the bill, and the usual stuff!

And finally Erica's cute little pink fluffy dog bag, with some of her favorite toys inside.

Wish us luck.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with everything Rachel.Hope that the surgery is succesful and that all goes as well as possibe.And,most importantly, that Erica is in no pain.

Also so worrying for you having to leave the biggies behind (but they can take care of each other with no problem I bet!) but at least we are allowed to stay with our kids when they are in hopsital. Makes me sad to hear about kids back in the UK who often have to stay alone in hospital with parents only allowed to visit during the day.Thinking of you and Erica x

Rachel said...

The biggies have already had two nights away from me twice this summer holidays, another one will be fine! They do worry about their sister though. And yes, I am VERY glad I can stay with her, I would just hate to have to leave her!

illahee said...

good luck!!

kuri, ping & the pinglet said...

Thinking of you! Hope it goes off without a hitch. :)