Saturday, February 09, 2013

12pm and, enough!



I got the curry cooked.

I took my temperature at about 10 and it was 37.7 so I did what no sane person would do unless they had three children and three cats and a husband at work and immediately went shopping. At the time I was still feeling quite good, having slept much better (waking only for Lena to join me in bed in the early hours, complaining of a bad dream). I woke up at 8:30 to the sounds of Erica's 'trumpet' (the pipe for one of those cheap plastic air pumps), and tidied up a bit before checking.

Then, knowing I would only sink as the day went on, I rallied round and got ready.

Now the laundry is hung, curry is on the stove, the soup doctored up with extra stock for Day Two, the salads in the fridge along with three different types of yogurt, and bananas, mikans and apples. I think we'll survive the night now! I even have the ingredients for quick microwave chocolate cake in a cup and yummy raspberries to go with it, though I doubt I'll have the energy to make it.

So I've had it at 12pm! Lena is out playing with a friend, Erica is a soccer-playing cowboy today, drawing pictures of the 'party' (which as far as I can gather is a cross between a zebra and a hammer-heard shark), and begging me to go to kindy! Amy is upstairs in bed, the warm afternoon sunshine on her bed. I've given her a whistle to call me because she lost her voice!

And now it's time for a nap. When I find out where the cowboy soccer player just went.


shinshu life said...

oh noooooo the lurgy spreads! SOunds like you are all set to fight the good fight though! Hope DH gets home soon!

Rachel said...

3:50 and still no hubby. I might have to go out myself and get the butter for the bread for my soup, ugh!