Monday, February 04, 2013

Mediocre Monday

A dull day. Day one of the Great House Reshuffle, yeah I know I have one of those every year, but I guess that's the nature of a) a house with b) people in it who c) grow all the time. The latest incarnation of this never ending plan is buying a new loft bed for Amy, with desk items beneath it for her. Then I take over her desk, and Erica gets this small desk, and the bookshelf and DVD case go in the alcove and the cat toilets in the cupboard and half the toys chucked out, some kept in the living room closet, some upstairs. Sounds so simple now I've written it down!

So the big thing today was taking apart the bunkbed, which finally fell to bits, luckily not while any child was in it. We knew it was getting dodgy, and we switched Amy to the bottom and Lena to the top, then when Amy noticed the gap getting wider Lena switched to a futon on the floor. I thought I might keep it like that, just with no one sleeping on it, maybe put the stuffed toys up there, but then on Saturday night the frame finally wiggled out that last millimeter and the board slipped down. Slipped is the right word, it wasn't the catastrophic smash I was imagining! So now we have two beds side by side instead.

On the bright side, lasagna for dinner, yum! Now we're watching The Help and I'm hoping no one gets peckish and eats the leftovers so I can have it for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow! My only two lessons this week and more household reorganization and cleaning. Gas man coming to check the cooker 'some time between 1 and 3'. Charming.

Problem of the day: March 22 - Lena's birthday. Amy's Graduation Ceremony from 9am to 11:30am. Erica's Graduation ceremony 11am to 12pm. I really hope I can work this one out!

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