Friday, February 08, 2013

Snowflakes and Flu

The snowflakes fluttering down were so pretty this morning. I've really been looking forward to a good snowfall! The weather has been disappointing me so far - a little flutter, then sunshine and everything melts. No chance for a snowman at all. Then this morning it actually stuck a little!

And I could not enjoy it. Today was the Junior High School orientation. I was 'looking forward to' a hour or so of detailed explanation of the rules in a freezing hall. Amy was looking forward to being able to attend a junior high school art class and getting to check out the clubs. She's interested in the brass band and track. And maybe basketball. AND she had a fever last night and was in bed by 7pm. So early I was still tidying something up there! So I really didn't need snow complicating things today!

Then I woke up feeling crap. I don't know if it was the flu coming on, or just the bad night's sleep - checking Amy again at midnight, then going to bed to read, and getting reeealllly cold  (I had extra layers on but it was not enough), and trying to ignore it but having to give in and go and get a hot water bottle... then finally getting warm and then feeling guilty and getting up again to add extra blankets to each kid's bed.. then hearing a commotion that I just knew was Erica coming to my bed. She took ages to come, because she brought her pillow, pink fluffy blanket AND oversized Stitch toy! She stood at the door, all forlorn, and said 'I was a little bit scared' As she climbed into bed ("Your bed is SO WARM Mummy") she muttered something about the underside of Lena's bed being scary, so I guess I'll have to put the boxes under the bed again, at least until Amy's loft comes and Erica finally gets a real bed! AND up again at the crack of dawn when Lena came in to tell me that Amy was downstairs and needed the thermometer, and a hug. As I attempted to move my body, she came back to amend the message: Amy has a thermometer now, but she still needs the hug.

Amy had a fever and sore throat, so she couldn't go. At least she felt grotty enough to not want to go, after bargaining last night about possibly being able to go. When she started coughing up loads of gunk later in the morning we decided to take her to the hospital, and she got the dreaded poke up the nose and a positive test for flu. We got relenza, fever meds, mepuchin to ease her breathing and mucosolvan to loosen the phlegm. So I missed the orientation too. Kanji had to go because he's the PTA Pres.

Next on the list was food of course. I have a tendency to cook when I feel an illness coming on! Must be prepared! I think a curry would have been more practical than the salads I made (white cabbage, yellow pepper, tofu and tuna salad, and roast potato, spinach, bacon and egg salad) but the cauliflower soup should come in useful tomorrow. While trying to decide what to cook, we decided to eat chocolate, the world's healer of everything. I had plans to cook chocolate cake in a cup for dessert tonight, but then K went to a friend's cake shop and came back with some super treats so we're about to have those right now!

The snow came fluttering down again as I prepared dinner, but I was much happier about it this afternoon. With all the obligations out of the way, food bought and no plans for tomorrow, we can enjoy the white-out, if we get one. It's just a little sad that there won't be snowmen or snow angels tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I hope Amy feels better soon and that no one else comes down with it. You probably didn't miss much at the JHS... ours was very cold and very boring!

Rachel said...

Yeah, but I still wanted to check it out. We decided we'll just go over there one day and wander around, tell people we're looking for the ALT if we're asked! I got the booklet, so my next task I suppose is to sit down and work it all out. Bless them for including furigana, I am SO relieved they did that!

Gaijin Wife said...

Hope Amy feels better soon and you don't then all get it :( I 'think' we've managed to get through this flu round with 3 out of 6 family members flu free. We have our primary school orientation in two weeks. Wahooo. Me and High Tiger Boys mum.

Rachel said...

They'd re-schedule if you couldn't turn up!