Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Junk Treasures

Sometimes I wish I didn't have an eye that looks over a pile of junk and sees treasure, but that eye that looks over a pile of junk, and sees a pile of junk. I'd have had a lot less washing and organizing to do this afternoon if I had!

But... Nah, on balance I'm pretty pleased with my scores.

I was invited to take my pick of the leftovers from a closed restaurant. Kanji's sister's husband's relatives  restaurant. When we went there when Erica was a baby, it was kind of old-fashioned Japanese style teishoku, or tray of dishes. Then it was a Taiwanese restaurant. So you can imagine, there was quite a selection of dishes to choose from. At first it looked just like that pile of junk mentioned above, with the best stuff already picked through. But then my treasure-spotting eyes got into focus! Here are some of the gems I picked up:
Cut glass platter

I didn't even realize how lovely this was until I got it home and cleaned it. I just saw a large-sized glass platter in the piles, caked in dust. It was when I was drying it that I saw the iridescent rainbow colors somehow inside the glass, and realized the cut was the in the shape of a peacock.

Seashell dishes

I couldn't resist their kitchy glory! They'll be great for dips, or lollies for kids' parties

Taiwanese platter

Well, that's what I'm calling it, because it was a Taiwanese restaurant at one stage, and it's not a recognizably Japanese decoration.

Pyrex pie dish

Another score! My own pyrex pie dish, which was a little smaller than this one, broke about six months ago. I'd never got around to replacing it. Photographed here with a brand new do-nabe (earthenware pot) I also picked up.

Curry plates: Yessss!!! We had ONE for many years, and now we have a full set! Everyone is going to be very happy on curry nights!! (I got you a stack too Jo)

and divided plates: Interesting, though I'm not totally convinced they'll be all that useful yet. We often eat Japanese style, with the fish on one plate, and a side salad in a separate plate, so these could be useful for that, BUT these won't fit in the dishwasher like the piles of separate, but small, plates we usually use do. We'll see. Nice score anyway, I thought.

Champagne glasses

Because I am always breaking champagne glasses! I'm especially happy to get hold of the ones with 2000 on the stem (on the left) - the year of our NZ wedding, and Amy's birth, and my new life in Japan as a mother. I had had a set, bought that year, but broke one! So it was a real bonus finding three!

Most impractical, but irresistible find: a set of ten brandy snifters.

Will I ever use these? Hell I don't know. I think I might give some to a friend who needs to stop feeding me wine from a frickin cup.

More glasses
We go through the glasses! I can't even blame the kids, who mostly use the plastic cups. It's the dishwasher, and haphazard storage more than anything. So it's always a good idea to have spares.

And the rest:
Stuff to sell (above).

I think I might be able to convince someone to part with their cash for these items: tea cups that can be shot glasses, shot glasses that might also be egg cups. Little tea pots and a couple of nice vases.

Plus some more everyday stuff, including soy sauce dipping dishes, large noodle bowls including two champon sized ones (K is very happy about these two acquisitions!), rice bowls, some more potential serving dishes, and ice cream bowls.

More platters and some flatware

When Baachan called me to come pick up some stuff, it was the two large white and blue ones she had put aside for me, along with the stack of brown large plates. I also picked up the oval platters, which are probably better suited to my menus (Jo, I got you three of each type of oval platter.)

Plus flat plates in two styles, again, though I'm thinking of giving some away, and some wide bowls with silver trim.


Everyday Set.
I decided to get six of each variety of dish shapes I could find in this pattern, to use for everyday meals. The four-sided ones fit together as a hexagon, and the pentagons are unusual too, which will make for a nice change.

Nicer set (below right).
These dishes are quite heavy, and I liked the design. I will probably keep this set in the spare room and use it for special family occasions. (Jo, I got you 18 of the large round plates)

On the left, some more party/sell/give away things, including chawan mushi bowls (now I am obliged to try to cook it - savory custard). Divided dipping sauce/condiment trays, a set of 12 plain white dipping bowls for parties, and assorted serving bowls. 

Sushi dishes, udon bowls and some odd stuff

Sushi dishes (centre left).
Hmm, probably don't need so many, but hey, these things are expensive! Especially the large ones. Again, might have to give some of these away. Wish I'd got them all actually, they are not too heavy, I could have sent everyone one for Christmas!

Udon bowls (bottom right). Yup, always need a nice big noodle bowl. And yes, half are yours, Kristin!

A small plastic picnic set. I cannot resist picnic sets!!! On the upper right, definitely my most bizarre find - canned snow.

And finally at the bottom, Erica's contribution to the photographing business!


Helen said...

Cool haul! Most of my plates come from Gusto giveaways...!

You could maybe use the brandy snifters for puddings and parfaits? Jelly ? That kind of thing unless the glass is too fragile.

gaijinwife said...

Holy crap woman, get enough! My god. You'll need to extend your kitchen out into the yard by a metre or so :) If those white divided rectangular set of plates is too much of a hassle..... will happily take those off your hands :)

illahee said...

LOVE the peacock platter, that's a definite treasure. i am percolating with jealousy over here!

i would be willing to take a gander at the vases with an interest to buying. and let me know if you ever want to part with any of that stuff. esp. an oval platter. can't have too many of those!!

Jo Tomooka said...

Wow - what a haul! I'm free on Monday morning if you want me to come and pick some stuff up....of course it would be nice to chat too!

Rachel said...

Helen, that is a brilliant idea! I am planning the parfaits already, the event will be my daughter's pyjama party next month. They will be thrilled.

Katy, I will try them out over the next few weeks and let you know. I already have an extension of my kitchen in the spare room, eek! Luckily I did throw out 2-3 bags of stuff just before Christmas in a decluttering effort.

Kristin, I'll see if Jo wants all six platters! If not, you can grab one or two. You can have the vases. But I'm keeping the peacock platter! It's my new favorite.

Jo, please come on Monday, would love to see you! I have WAY more stacked in the shed for you, piles of plates and glasses!