Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring, and Cleaning

Spring is in the air. I can see the plum blossom from new DESK (more about that below) and that turn has happened in the weather, when you don't notice that the heater is off for a while...  you can do your work around the house in one layer... you can go to the car without and jacket and don't know where your gloves went and no longer care.

In worse weather news, hay fever season is upon us, and I wonder yet again whether I should go to the doctor and get either western meds or Chinese ones, or something over the counter, or a home remedy or just my usual method of put-up-with-it-and-it'll-go-away-soon. It's exacerbated this year by the awful pollution wafting over from China. This was where Japan was in the 60's, and Europe in the early 20th century, and I've no doubt it's just a phase and they'll get their shit together, but I certainly don't like being downwind of it in the meantime!

The hay fever is really only bad when I clean and get a face full of dust, which means often since March has pretty much become my cleaning month, after failing each year to get it done by New Year and having time in March. Back to good old Spring Cleaning, and while the weather is perfect for it - not too hot, not too cold - the constant sneezing certainly drains your energy!

I am happy with today's efforts, I got the study reorganized, which is phase two after building Amy's loft bed. Now Lena's desk is in the far corner, the two shelves that were in that corner are hiding in the alcove, the kitty litter trays are in the bottom of the closet, and Amy's old desk is pushed against the wall between the doors, with my computer on it!

Yes, I finally have a proper desk! Drawers and everything. I'm as giddy as a first grader getting her new desk. I hope sitting properly means I'll do my work more efficiently. I hope not being so cosily stuck on the floor means I'll spend less time browsing.

Meanwhile Erica gets the gap between the desks, kind of (she only has to wait until next spring until Lena gets her loft and she takes over Lena's desk) and all the old computers can go on the low desk where they might actually get switched on and used once in a while instead of gathering dust. Well time will tell where the clutter magnet areas are!

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Jo Tomooka said...

Good to hear you got the desk organised. I hope you get to keep it and that it doesn't get invaded by everyone else. That is always what seems to happen to mine!
Thanks for the good company yesterday!