Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Night Out

So, K. came over to do some work. Only by the time the kids got back home, and I got them sorted and delivered to Baachan, and got back, and went back again to bring the stuff they forgot, and unblocked the toilet and cleaned up the resulting mess...

...I didn't exactly feel like working anymore, so we just drank up the champagne and started our letter to a friend. Champagne got emptied awfully quick though!

Tummies rumbling, it was time to go look for a place to eat! Having a hundred bars and fifty restaurants in the next block is a mixed blessing - there's never a shortage of places to go, and you don't need a taxi, but it's so hard to choose sometimes you end up wandering around aimlessly!

The first goal was absinthe at my new favorite cocktail bar. Kanji called me just as we walked out of the house - he'd left to go eat a little earlier, and was just calling to see where we were. We decided to meet at the cocktail bar. He got there first and found it shut - 7pm is too early for a bar like that!

Next stop Barn, where I often end up, and this is where the Sex on the Beach photo ended up on face book... Tequila sunrise for Kristin, and 'that one James Bond has' for Kanji. They also had cheese! Yay! ONE goal of the night met.

We left Barn after that one cocktail, Kanji to go home to watch a movie, and K. and I to meet Goal No. 3, yakitori. I decided to try the new modern izakaya in the same street that has the world's best fried cheese, but once again, it was booked out. I must remember to call them first! I must remember the place's name before that...

We briefly considered the Italian place down an alleyway, but we'd met the cheese goal already, so decided against it. Walking back towards town, we passed Again again, having passed it once before on the way to Barn. On a whim, I asked K. if she would mind popping in for a drink... well Nagano and Wada were there, my old students from my party class so many years ago, so we were promptly sat down and plied with beer and food. What can you do? Stewed vegetables, hijiki (a kind of seaweed), stuffed squid and chicken sashimi followed, washed down with lashings of beer. 

We stumbled out of there an hour or two later, hoping to meet Goal No.1 again, the absinthe. This time the bar was open. It was much quieter than I remembered, almost awkward, though we'd had enough champagne, cocktails and beer by that time to not care. But they were out of absinthe!!! The barman promised to make us something similar with Pernod. They were nice cocktails.

Next stop, karaoke! Of course. K. and I cannot go out without hitting the mics at some point. A two-hour sesh was enough to purge us of our impulse to sing out loud, and we hit the streets again in a further attempt at Goal No. 3. Only we had kind of neglected to check the time, and it was nearly 3 in the morning. I dragged the poor girl up a few alleys in desperation, but the restaurants were all shut. The only option now was...

Joyfull! So that's why we were to be found, devouring coke and chips at 3am. No yakitori, no absinthe, only half a glass of wine, but hey, I got some cheese! 

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