Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sho's Birthday Party

Birthday boy Sho, licking the railway crossing!

The amazing shinkansen train - Sho did the candles one by one, extending the joy! Right, I thought GW would like this photo as her thighs look super-skinny!

Amy and Lena playing magnet dolls with two of the other little girls, while the toddler boy looks on, probably wondering how he can best sabotage this peaceful scene. Right, the kids gathered around the cake.

Two two-year old girls. Marina is a month younger, and about 3 inches taller!

The construction company chicks hard at work, under Satcho's watchful eye

The two two-year old girls again. Even without her long legs, you can see how much taller Marina is! On the right, Erica in THAT walker, and yes, the gate was shut this time!

Super cute photo of my favorite little baby boy. He's such a smiley baby, it's quite rare to catch him NOT smiling!


Gaijin Wife said...

thighs look very skinny. How on earth did you do it?

Rachel said...

No idea. Maybe they just ARE that skinny?

Lulu said...

Nice skinny thighs GW!

Oh and cute kids as always- I thought the train was amazing. Any chance of you shipping one to Australia for Noah`s first birthday?

The picture of Erica in the walker is so funny!