Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Shed

I did it!

I always put off big jobs like this, afraid it's going to take too long, and I'll have to leave it half-done, then it always seems to accumulate more mess on top of the half-done-ness and the whole thing ends up worse than it started!

So I tend to leave it to days like today, when I have the whole day, and can start nice and early, and have plenty of time to get it done.

And then it took 90 minutes. Sigh. Could have been done any day for months. Oh well, at least I can walk in there and USE it again, and since the shed is the lynch-pin, the fulcrum of all neatness, the storage location of last resort, I can now start on the spare room, removing things from there as needed to the shed.

And I have the rest of the day to take all the trash to the dump, move the auction items upstairs, mark tests, chop up bits of paper for a game, fold dry laundry and hang wet, launder at least two more blankets and vacuum-pack the clean ones, write monthly reports for six lessons for May, cook curry, buy a bike for Amy, toilet train my toddler, get my license, eat curry, play Uno with kids and husband, give Erica her nebulizer treatment, eat chocolate fondue, and maybe if I have some spare time inbetween, I can sort the Photo and Document folders on my computer and clear the photos off the camera. Maybe.

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