Monday, June 07, 2010

Busy Weekend

Two barbecues this week, one at my house, one at Manager's, both to welcome back and chat with Mari and Zain and Kiara. Erica had loads of fun with her old friend, who she called 'nee-chan' (big sister). She calls everyone that, if they are too big to be called 'baby'. Adults get called Mummy and Daddy. After hearing all the people call out to me, she called me Mummy Rachel (waichow).

Mari is a beautiful pregnant lady and Zain caught me up on all their plans and dreams. Things are going really well for them in the US, I think they are both very pleased to have left Nakatsu!

We went to karaoke in the evening, and once again I forgot all the songs I wanted to sing as soon as I got through Lady Gaga and Abba. I really must write a list! After that we went to Tropicoco for dinner, but I think I should have gone home instead, I had a few too many, and wobbled all the way home on too-high heels! We had to walk as Amy had insisted on bringing her bike.

Monday at Manager's was a bit more sedate. I don't mind the Asahi non-alcohol beer, it's not bad, makes you feel sufficiently barbecue-ish. I think I'll bring some along to the party on Sunday to sip in the hot afternoon sun.

Photos on facebook too!

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