Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life with a 2-year old

Warning:Gush zone!

Okay, I find my little side-kick adorable. She does, and says the cutest things. I think we're so lucky to have this little ray of sunshine in our lives everyday.

I was putting away blankets upstairs today. Erica was 'helping' of course, by climbing on for a piggy-back while I laboured with the seal on the vacuum bag, and bedding her teddy bear down on the pile of blankets I had piled up to put in a bag. Mostly though she just went up and down the stairs, hovering by the TV every now and then, looking hopeful, as if Okaasan to Issho would come on just by sheer will alone. Then up again to check on me.

She interrupted my podcast to listen to Honey, Honey. While I went next door to clean away some things there, she stayed in there dancing. First time I checked on her, she was jumping on the bed, dancing (quite well, actually) to Mamma Mia. Next time I checked, Take a Chance on Me had come on, and she was under the covers, snuggling. I couldn't resist and got on with her. At first she rolled away from me, because I was rude enough to check her bottom (no pants at all). Then she rolled back and tucked the sheet around me.

This morning she walked up the corridor towards me, and I said Hello baby. She muttered something about 'baby' in what sounded like a rather indignant voice, so I thought she might be annoyed that I called her a baby. So I leaned over and patted her on the head and called her a 'little girl' And she lifted up her hand and patted my head right back, calling me something-or-other 'girl'!

Just now she did a wee-wee outside, and came and told me about it. Now she running around outside COMPLETELY naked!

Does she have tantrums? Of course, but they are fairly mild. Or maybe I'm just used to it! They don't last longer than five minutes, and usually end with a much-needed hug. Yesterday she was so mad she stormed out of the room and slammed the door! Or she tried to. If anyone has ever seen a two-year-old trying to slam shut a sliding wooden door, it's quite an effort! After huffing and heaving and pushing, she finally got it shut. She missed the sight of me and her sisters rolling around the floor laughing at her! She came back in one minute with the solution to her problem - ask Amy to get whatever it was that Mummy said No to!

She's talking really well. Her favorite things to say inlcude "Wachu DOOing?" and "Can I ____ peezh Mummy", with whatever she wants inserted. Then she says Thank You ("kankyu").

Mystery word of the month:


Not to be confused with yogige, which is yogurt.

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