Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

The girls stayed at a friend's house the night before, and I thought it would be a nice idea to pick them up in time for lunch, then go and find a nice restaurant to eat at.

First, we lost Erica - she insisted on staying with Baachan, and well, knowing how she behaves in restaurants, being a terrible two, I wasn't inclined to argue with her! I figured she wouldn't remember anyway and I hope she isn't too annoyed when she reads this in six years' time - if this is you reading this in the future, Erica, you WANTED to stay with Baachan, who you fell totally head-over-heels in love with about two weeks ago, because she spoils you and gives you ice cream.

Anyway, after driving through Usa and being too afraid to actually go in to any restaurants in case they weren't up to scratch, we ended up at Kisha-Poppo in Nakatsu. Kanji wanted to go there anyway.

We bought him a present - comfy top and shorts set to wear at home, he seemed genuinely happy with it!

With our big girls. Lena the comedienne! And she took the photo on the right.

Lena with her curry that was bigger than her! And yes, she ate it! Amy chose chicken nan-ban, fried chicken in a sweet sauce.

I had, on the left, the special Kisha-Poppo set, with tempura, miso soup, chawan mushi, pickles, and the special rice, steamed with seasonal vegetables and flavors. Kanji had sashimi and grilled fish set, and some beer!!


Bryn said...

Everything looks delicious!!! Glad you guys got to enjoy a nice lunch out for Dad's Day! Did Erica have fun w/ her grandma?

Rachel said...

Yeah, she loved it! I don't think she would have come home if Amy and Lena weren't with us! Yesterday when I announced she was going to Baachan's she literally jumped for joy, then when she arrived she ran up to Jiichan and hugged his legs. YAY!! She's nearly three, at this rate, she'll be doing overnighters soon... hoping and praying...

Jo Tomooka said...

Tom was given an iron for father's day... wasn't too impressed!
It would be great to meet you next week, but although Mum has gone home, my brother and his girlfriend are now here for another 10 days or so - perhaps after that we will have some breathing space! I will definately be in need of some coffee and relaxation by then....