Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This meal has a bit of a back story. It all started here, with Jo's neighbor hearing that New Zealanders eat shark, so they gave her some... anyway in the comments, Heather offered to send gaijinwife some shark she'd seen in the supermarket, and I just happened to turn up at her house for a birthday party the day the shark arrived! So, we ate it. It wasn't flake, it was gray and a bit mushy, but yummy. Almost like a fish cake. The batter turned out really well; after a brief internet search for beer batter, I gave up and used the Edmonds. Figured I couldn't go wrong with that, and I was wright! The kids, starving from their swimming lesson, really loved the newspaper-wrapped parcels and ate everything!

Picnic table in the park. It was warmish, windy and threatening rain. Just like a NZ summer!!! In fact, it really needed a little MORE wind to be really like a NZ fish'n'chips evening picnic, and we had to wrap it in a Japanese newspaper,but you can't have it all.

Erica plucks out a chip. On the right, Amy gets into the tartare sauce.

Below, a tableau of children. They had a big play in the park after dinner.


Gaijin Wife said...

Still haven't made ours :( Was going to wait for a day I don't have English till half five and/or hub gets home early. Maybe Friday. Yum yum.

thefukases said...

yeah- glad I could spread the fish'n'chippie love! It's not flake but it's the closest I've found here. I'd also like them to cut it a bit thicker.... maybe I'll have to ask.

And I bow down to your commitment to authenticity there! Erica foraging for chips is just so cute!

Rachel said...

Thank YOU Heather! It certainly was easier than having to fillet it myself! Erica had two then ran away to the slide!