Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Busy Wednesday

Back to the grind! On the agenda today, de-clutter computer areas, DVD case and the crap that has accumulated around the TV again. A bunch of errands to run, and prepare for the girls' cooking tonight - they've chosen corn fritters, yay, nice and easy, plus rice and miso soup. I love that simple Japanese way of rounding out a meal.

Yesterday was surprisingly not a write-off. I did NOT sleep Monday night, so I was tired, and decided to retire from all de-cluttering work. However, it was not a total write-off because I tidied things on the computer instead, like the documents folders, pictures folders, favorites and started putting titles on the videos, which go back a year now, still un-edited, un-sorted, still no idea how to save them. When I buy my new digital camera, I am going back to tape.

I'm blaming the termites for my lack of sleep. Every year they come out as soon as the rains begin, and try to find a nest, often picking on my old wooden house in their search. It's been treated, so they haven't nested, but I still have to deal with the yearly influx. They creep in through the gaps in the construction and fall onto the bedding and pillows with a creepy little thwack.

I've finally got on top of it though, and as soon as I saw one, I went upstairs and sprayed the room corner to corner, every little gap. Although we waited a while before going up to sleep, I still think I had some kind of a mild reaction to the spray, and my throat felt a bit swollen. I could breathe, and sleep, but kept suddenly waking up, like sleep apnea. So I felt ragged in the morning, I do so pity people with sleep apnea - like my poor husband, I must get him a mouth guard thingy, this happens to him a lot!

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