Friday, December 02, 2011

Catch Up

A WHOLE month, wow! Well, at least when I look back on this time, I'll know it's every second month I'm online because of that Journal!! I suppose I could type out a few lines each night, but I usually like to fuss with photos and stuff too, so I put it off, and then I have to get into the head space, but my head is all full of Journal Journal Journal so I just don't! There you have it!

Well it's Friday, so I'm drinking wine and chatting on facebook while Kanji practices the bass and the kids watch Disney. Some Fridays I'm a little more sociable and watch a movie with them! Erica is already asleep on the sofa, and I need to get her upstairs before she wakes up with a new lease of life, and does not go back to sleep until 11! (done!)

So, what have we been doing? Kanji is working, doing his radio show, and playing in the band. He enjoys watching movies more than variety shows these days, which is happy for me! And gave me a great idea for what I want to get him for Christmas...

Amy is still swimming and playing piano and drawing in every spare moment! She started writing a movie (first scene done, but it's actually written like a story not a movie) and now knows more about iMovie than me after playing with it all day last weekend making a fantastic slide show that I can't fully share as she matched it with commercial music and it got taken down from youtube and facebook! Surely that's taking copyright too far, after all we did pay for the tunes originally, and can hardly be accused of taking their customers when their OWN videos are available to watch for free! Grrr! She grows approximately an inch a month, and already fits into Japanese women's clothes. That means we will be in heaven for the next year or so while she can comb the flea markets, but she'll be stuck with online shopping like me if gains any more than another ten cm. She does well in school, in fact she's a bit of nerdy-swot, which is just lovely! She actually does extra homework so she can be the one in the class who did the most. I'm reading Harry Potter to them before bedtime, I think she really identifies with Hermione! She does not like sport at all and reads during recess. She talks back and tell me how to do things. Sigh.

Lena has stopped piano and wants to stop swimming too. She is interested in starting dance classes, and we found one, we just have to get around to going! She also wants to start modeling, but I'm still not sure about that... we got given a card by an agent a while ago, but I lost it! She gets along in school well, seems to have a new friend every day. I'm totally over their big eyes when they visit for the first time, but I have to suck it up and say Hello nicely!

Erica is speaking better and better now, including some gems: she came rushing downstairs ¥ crying and to show me the scrape on her back, and said 'MUUUUUM, I... BROKE my... BODY!"

Today they are doing road work again. We bumped over a patch, and she asked why it was bumping. I said the road was broken and they were fixing it. She said something about police which confused me (we often see police there) then she said 'Did a dorobo (robber) break the road?'. Ah.... kids simple vision of good and bad!

And me? Well, still working those 4 (or was it 6) jobs, and tackling the Journal and trying to keep on top of the house, and catch up with friends and save money and spend just enough of it to have some fun too and trying to shed a few kilos and enjoy food too, and planning a super Christmas!!

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