Friday, December 30, 2011

Day Whatever

I have a record four blog posts on the go at the moment, in different windows! This is the Big Clean-up-up-date one. I have no idea what day it is, somewhere at the end of the week. I think if I was in Samoa today I wouldn't even notice that they skipped a day.

I slept late today, wasn't up until 10am so again it's more a half-day's effort, which just reminds me of how much more I could do if I had the whole day! The genkan got finished today, and the Christmas stuff back in the shed. Then I started on the living room. The kids and Kanji took off to make mochi with family friends, and the kids will be going to Pushkar with them for a meal after its finished, and I will meet them there when I'm done here. Sounds like a grand plan, aye, but I actually wasn't too happy with it at first when K came home without them and told me I would have to pick the kids up later, it shattered my sense of timing. But all's well that ends well, as having them out of the house is probably a better idea (though they did help with window cleaning yesterday, the little darlings!), and not having to cook a meal is definitely a better idea!

Now it's on to the bathroom, and after I've tidied it, I will head off to Pushkar to pick up the kids, who will be permitted to watch one movie, whilst not moving a fingertip on the sofa - no toys, no books, no homework even allowed, NOTHING is going to mess that room up tonight!!! Then off to bed with them, leaving me the rest of the night to clean the bath (whilst cleaning self) and finally getting around to writing my New Year cards. And those three other blog posts!Link

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