Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day One...

Well, I got some cleaning started today! Pretty boring to chronicle cleaning, so I could tell you about Amy's efficiency and how TALL she is, or Lena's constant stream of jokes and funny stories, or Erica, who spent the day pretending to be a superhero wearing a blanket for a cape.

But I'm just trying to make myself keep up with it by sticking to the schedule. Considering I was going to give myself the day off today, and didn't start until 1pm, we got quite a bit done! We - me and Amy and Lena, who I made tidy their drawers. I did Erica's, including the hand-me-down boxes, and am NOW going to do mine, I MUST have the clothes sorted by tonight. Tomorrow morning I will tidy the living room, get rid of Christmas and then go back upstairs to monitor the girls' clearing out the toy boxes while I dust and do the windows.

I also pulled apart the bird and made a turkey quiche, and a potato and cheese soup. We'll have those tomorrow because Kanji brought home sashimi, pork skewers and potato salad. And I'll cook up the bones for stock for soup and pie, to be eaten tomorrow and the next day. Should be thoroughly sick of turkey by the weekend!


Helen said...

Did you use the recipe that I posted on FB? How was it?

Rachel said...

Yes I did! Been meaning to add some comments on fb, as I altered it a bit, so off I go to do that!