Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Little Grace Period

Busy as a bee over the pre-Christmas week and whole winter holiday in fact, but finally here I am, with a wee snatch of time between 'things' and a promise to myself to fill it with a wee update!

I had only two hours of lessons this week, but took on two proofreading jobs, so that has kept me busy today, and I have just finished the first drafts of those, in between the kindy run, shopping, bento-making, and quiche-making. I will do a final check in the morning, when I am fresh, and, more importantly, when the damn kids are out of the house! I think if I'm going to take on more proofreading work I will need to convert the spare room into an office! I can usually do it, but today there were just a few too many random observations, unecessary request, and bumps on my computer chair.

So now's the piano lesson, so everything else must stop, I can't exactly take a bath while she's here (though I did when Erica was a baby!)

Today I did my kindy Christmas lesson, yesterday my hospital class Christmas lesson, and last week my college Christmas lessons. We've had two cookie parties and I've sent out about 22 Christmas cards, so all of that plus the tree, the decorations, and the presents arriving to put under it are making me feel very Christmassy!

The plan so far is to clean up and catch up on blog photo posts and laundry tomorrow, take the kids shopping for the final gifts (they still haven't got their father anything) and ALL the Christmas food on Friday, plus make the pavs, make curry Saturday morning, go to TWO birthday parties and the drive-in, then have our Christmas party at home, a 6kg turkey this year, plus ham and eggs for brunch, pavlova, trifle, chocolate pie and eggnog.

There. If I don't get around to posting anything else, at least the skeleton schedule is there!

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illahee said...

happy christmas, rachel!! i got your christmas card on christmas eve, thank you so much!! hope you have a safe and warm new year celebration!