Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day Two

...and I'm already internally renegotiating the terms of this effort...

The problem - everywhere I go in the house, there is another job that needs doing - school notices, all the families jackets, the pot cupboard, laundry backlog, CD case, the WHOLE spare room - again, the shed, etc, etc, etc.... plus I forget I have to do loads of laundry, dishes and cooking as well as (the children don't stop eating just for the big New Year clean-up!), which takes up quite a bit of the day! No, it's just not all going to be done by the 31st!

The best I can hope for is clean and tidy, I can achieve that at least! So this morning, I tidied the living room, did some shopping, cleaned the windows upstairs, and just had lunch (it's now 3pm!!). Next up is finishing some work that came in, and hanging some laundry on hangers to be put out tomorrow, and then get on to tidying up the Christmas decorations. Right at this point in time the carpet in this room is miraculously clear of stuff, so there's even a space for me to use! The girls have taken over the kotatsu with homework.

I did NOT get around to sorting my clothes last night! By the time I did the underwear, socks and wardrobe, I was so sleepy! So tonight, I do the clothes drawers after the kids go to bed.

I'm forming a loose plan in my head to do PROPER spring cleaning in March, after using February for decluttering. January is busy with a 3-4 out-of-town visits to friends and the Journal of course. I may even do some re-arranging, get Amy a desk & bed set, put Lena on the top bunk and Erica on the bottom, get their chests of drawers in there, throw out half the toys, and maybe even make myself a home office, since I can do most of my casual internet use on the ipad. Hmmm.....

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