Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cookie-making Party I

Early in December, I made cookies, fudge, and coconut ice to send to family in NZ. I sent five bags, with no notes because Japanese 'small packet' postage rules do not allow a letter in the package (and yes, they sometimes check!). So there was nothing to explain it, but I thought that with Mum, bro, and 3 sisters, Mum would twig that 5 bags was supposed to be one each... but no... apparently my superior sweet-making skills got the better of her, and after sharing one bag with guests, she started dipping into another. I left her to decide which poor kid gets the gutted bag.

Anyway, I did NOT send any of the following cookies, which were all eaten up here at home by the kids. The two guests also brought home enough to feed their families. I kept some aside to decorate in peace the next day, away from the girlie cookie-cutting and decorating frenzy!

Rolling the dough, with LOTS of flour! The rug was rolled up and shaken outside at the end, seemed a simpler solution that cramming everyone into the kitchen!

Cutting shapes - the fun bit! We have a quite a collection of play-do cutters to choose from.

And then icing and decorating them. Below, the finished result:

Bonus pic: Erica the Superhero, challenging me and my rolling pin with her plastic machine gun wielded as a sword.

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