Friday, December 09, 2011

Family Bonenkai

I just wanted to go out for dinner with just me and Kanji and the kids, just us, not having to worry about anyone else. We went to my (now second) favorite restaurant, Kokoro, and called it our bonenkai just because it's December!

We walked - the weather was still quite mild in early December.

At the table. All the tables here are private, one reason I like the place!

Cheers! Beer for Kanji, a not-too-bad generic white for me and calpis or cola for the kids

Naughty Mummy, I let the girls have their first taste of wine. At least they hated it! Erica is being a turtle.

Some of the reaons I like Kokoro: the cheese board, and the chocolate desserts! They also have chocolate fondue.

Me and Kanji

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umebossy said...

Love the wine pics! Having Italian family I got my first taste quite young too - I don't remember being very impressed! Much preferred trying to sneak my mum's Advocaat and lemonades (I think they call them snowballs?)