Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ABC of you

A - Age: 37
B - Bra/booot size: 12 D, 10
C - Cats or dogs? (Or no pets?)no pets but I want a cat
D - Drivers License Weight - truth or lie? thank god we don't have to put our weight on our licence in Japan or NZ! But I would definitely LIE!
E - Emergency Room visits: one, age five, broken arm
F - Fruits or Veggies? fruit!
G - Google your exes? done.
H - Habla Espanol? only a few words
I - Ice Cream flavor? chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Plus chocolate sauce
J - Jobs you've had in your life: teacher, nurse aid, barmaid (six hours), door-to-door encylopedia sales (two days), jewellery store sales, asparagus picker (one day), research assistant for a former POW imprisoned by the Japanese in Changi, envelope stuffer, babysitter, proofreader.
K - Kindergarten you remember his/her name? Mrs Spragg, but I prefered the other one whose name I've forgotten.
L - Loves you've had (yes..I know you love your kids and your pets...I'm talking IN LOVE): C,J,M, and no, C does not stand for Colin. A and G, sadly unrequited.
M - Manicures, pedicures, or neither: once in a blue moon, done myself
N - Nap? If I can!
O - Oceans you've swam in: Pacific, Pacific, Pacific.
P - Person you would LOVE to meet: Obama
Q - Question you'd like to ask your baby/pet/someone in heaven - Will you admit it's bad for you NOW?
R - Republican, Democrat, or whatever: Green baby, green
S - Smoke (now, then, never)? then, lots, now, sadly on occasion
T - Type with fingers on the "right" keys? all the correct keys!
U - University, College, or none? university
V - Vacations planned: NZ in spring, Mediterranean cruise very soon I hope!
W - Weight you'd like to be a year from now: 58
X - Xcited? no, pretty subdued actually
Y - Younger men/women or older men/women: older men, 40 sounds good!
Z - Zoos you LOVE: Singapore Zoo

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gaijin wife said...

Hi Rachel. Sorry I didn't manage a trip to see you - or even suggest a day for you to come here!! Things have been a bit crazy. I read your meme - do you really hate flying? I am not a fan and the only good thing I can think of when flying with Shou will be that I will have to reassure him the plane won't drop out of the sky every ten minutes - his latest pick up from kindy. Thanks to whoever told him that!!

See you in February hopefully, presuming we don't come back from the sun to colds and the flu!!