Tuesday, November 04, 2008


We went to see the Cosmos flowers with Baachan. I think she really just wanted more Dango-jiru (soup with pork, vegetables and thick noodles, more like dumplings). I know that why I agreed to go! But there wasn't any, only takoyaki (dumplings with a bit of octopus leg in them) and udon noodles, and oden (a kind of stew). So we had rice balls and the kids had udon and I had oden then I had an ice cream and they had candy floss. Oh, and we looked at the lovely flowers. They bloom in autumn and people come from miles around just to take photos with them. The kids just loved prancing through an entire field of flowers, which were in many places, taller than them.

They come in several different shades and slightly different shapes.


illahee said...

lovely! both the flowers and the girls!

may i put you on my blog roll?

Rachel said...

Yeah, sure! By the way, check out this blog - http://solveigboergen.blogspot.com/ She is coming to Victoria's at Golden Week, let me know if you want some pictures by her, I'm taking bookings, I'll send you the info.

Lulu said...

Cosmos are such a lovely looking flower- to tell you the truth though I don`t think I have ever seen them in RL?! I can not be sure though...

The photos & videos look great- your girls are so beautiful!

How is Erica`s hand doing?