Thursday, November 20, 2008

Three Days with Chelsey

We had a guest with us for the last three days, and honestly it's been like being on holiday myself! We've toured around and eaten out and generally just suspended ordinary life for a few days, which has been fun!

Chelsey is the cousin of a friend of mine from AFWJ. She's touring Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and started in Japan visiting her cousin. Her cousin then hooked her up with several other foreign wives in Kyushu, including us.

Amy, Lena and Erica all fell in love with her, she's a lovely girl, very laid back and easy to please. And she bakes a mean pie!

I picked her up on Monday morning, and we went straight to lunch with Rachel and Mari and Kiara. I had Amy with me too, as she was off school in the morning with a headache. She felt better after a nap, but there didn't seem to be much point taking her back to school just for lunch, playtime and clean-up! So she came too.

In the afternoon, Rachel and I worked on the party guest list for her Stagette, while Chelsey took herself off for a walking tour of Nakatsu, visiting the castle, museum and some temples.

Then in the evening we all went out for sushi.

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