Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Movies

No vids of Erica in her costume, but here's one of her drawing. She's been picking up pencils for quite some time, but only just started to apply them to paper! Actually she started out drawing on the table, and seems to prefer that, I have to keep putting the paper back!

Feeling sad because she'll be in the splint 24/7 as of Thursday, so no more drawing! She'll have to switch to her right hand, so I guess she'll end up ambidextrous after all.

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Lulu said...

So cute- your daughters accents are so cute! Just like yours!!!

My mum is a kiwi also but she has lost her accent now and sounds more Australian (I speak Aussie also, the only word I say with a kiwi accent is dance (and chance)....

Love the costumes- the food from your halloween party was very cool...loved the orange and black theme.