Saturday, November 01, 2008


We had our Halloween part a wee bit late, on November 1st! It was a very small party, after half the guests bowed out for various reasons. For some reason I woke up expecting a small showing, so that really didn't bother me. I skipped the pumpkin pie and muffins anyway.

I did an 'orange and black' party food theme - pumpkin cooked the Japanese way, pasta with squid ink pasta sauce, a Japanese specialty! Oranges, mikan and licorice, marmalade and marmite sandwiches, Japanese purin (caramel custard) flavored snacks, devil eggs (not devilled eggs) and the centrepiece, spiders:

Marmalade and Marmite:

Devil Eggs - on the left with Japanese 'Black Honey' on the right with yogurt mixed with black food coloring.

YUCK! On the left black squid pasta, and much yummier pumpkin on the right

YUM! Oranges and licorice, can't go wrong with that combination.

For costumes this year, I put in no effort and bought them. Nothing appropriately scary either, just Tinkerbell's fairy friend Silvermist -

Barbie Mariposa -

And Jasmine, on her English-lace-style flying carpet, with her tiger:


Vicky said...

Three very cute little girls - and those spiders are BRILLIANT!

thefukases said...

I love the costumes but the food! I don't think I could eat squid ink pasta O's. A bit too icky. :( I love the spiders though. Are they like chocolate crackles?

Rachel said...

Yes, they are a variation on chocolate crackles. No rice bubbles, so I used pon-pon-gashi..didn't really work all that well. And no lard, so I just used melted chocolate, which DID work really well. And a cup of coconut, which I love and which gave the spiders a bit of a hairy look. Then I added black food coloring, but that didn't really work, I would need to use a whole bottle for it to work, and I don't want to use that much of it, a bit dodgy I thought!