Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ice Skating

First Ice Skating of the season! Amy and Lena are starting to really love it, and both are getting quite good too, at least they no longer need to hold on to the rails the whole time. In fact, I spent too much time off the ice taking care of Erica (more on that later) that she far exceeded me and WON when we had a race later in the day. And no, I wasn't being easy on her! In fact I went at it hell for leather and fell on my bum. But even when I wasn't falling over, I still couldn't catch up to her!

Of course Erica couldn't go on the ice, so she stayed at the sidelines, having great fun dancing, playing peek-a-boo, getting carried around by her Daddy, and playing with a little dog. Taht is, until she chased said dog down a flight of steps - and Daddy was too slow to catch her. She took it in the face, and her nose bled too, the only injury of the day! I was surprised that the office had nothing resembling a First Aid kit, and had trouble even finding us tissues. I mopped up the nose with a nappy I just happened to have in my pocket. More providentially, who should turn up in the locker where I took her to feed her and calm her down, than the pediatrician! Not out main one, but the spare one who goes to the same clinic on busy days to help clear the back-log. He said she'd be fine, just needed some antibacterial cream on her cuts.

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