Sunday, November 02, 2008

Nakatsu Sex Pistols R35 Metabolic

Today was the second live perfomance by Kanji's Sex Pistols cover band, and the first time I saw him playing live onstage! I thought they were great, though they all wanted to go back and try again. But it's not hard to out-skill the famously inept Pistols. Kanji said he made mistakes, but I didn't notice. I did notice Osamu (drums) drop his drumstick! Lead singer Tateiwa, my hairdresser, was funny and bold, and the guitarist, a chef, was much very good. Check it out.

The band - their names are a combination of wrestling moves plus the last name of the real Pistol.

Chop Rotten (vocals)

Brian 'Buster' Matlock (bass) with 'Robo-Vicious'

Guitarist Suplex Jones

Drummer Fall Cook

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