Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Katei homons (teacher's home visit) done! Short chat, both teachers seem okay, neither concerned about the trip to NZ, Lena's teacher I was especially happy with as she was taking the teasing Lena's been getting about being a gaikokujin very seriously, and even named the ring-leader and told us she had talked to the parents about it. We are also coaching her from this end on ways to react so she doesn't become an easy target.

Amy has started her craft activity, or should I say, *I* have started Amy's craft activity. She is doing a mosaic picture, and I graphed out the photo she chose so she can draw it on a large piece of paper. Lena hasn't thought of anything to do yet.
I've had lots of aggravations today! Blocked toilet, leaking rubbish bag (don't you hate that!), two episodes of wet pants and nearly a poo in the bed (picture DH running downstairs to the toilet with Erica, stiff as a board, denying she is doing a poo), and a sudden flare-up of allergies, which I am attributing to dani dander, as I shook out the mattresses today. I will go up in a moment to give them all a good vacuum before I attempt to sleep on them tonight. Moments like this I hate Japan.

DH fixed the toilet and just repaired one screen door, and is now exhausted. The kids finished the lasagne (I did the sauce, half the meat) I might go have a nice COLD shower!


Gaijin Wife said...

I read first two words and thought you were bit pitied and trying to write post on Katie Holmes.

I didn't realise Amy was getting stick at school for being a gaijin. Hope it sorts itself out and the kids find something else of interest soon. That said, I am of course very interested in hearing all about it and how the school is handling it.

See you on Friday.

illahee said...

hope you're feeling better!

sorry to hear about lena, i hope the teasing ends soon! i tend to be the kind of person who reacts badly to teasing, so my sympathies are fully with her!!