Friday, July 09, 2010

Osaka weekend in food

My husband thinks I'm mad taking photos of food. He's probably right! But I know I like to look back on the photos later, who knows, maybe even get some inspiration someday!

Buffet lunch at the Hotel Viale. Clockwise from top, soup with croutons, 'American dog' (the long one) and a battered, fried potato on a stick! Then curry, then the other dishes. The ramen-wrapped shrimp in the centre was particularly delicious! Dessert was mouthfuls of various cakes and puddings.
Italian dinner. First course, gazpacho. That's a tomato in the centre. I was almost too busy talking to eat!
This was my favorite - the pasta course, with beef!
The fish course.
The chicken course. It was delicious! My theory is, if in doubt, choose the chicken. And since we ordered two weeks beforehand without seeing a menu, I thought I had better play it safe, and get the chicken! The fish and vegetarian courses looked divine too though.
The vegetarian course. As the lucky diner herself noted, with the vegetarian course, you either get crap, or you get something so wonderful everyone wishes they were a vegetarian! This is a case of the latter, of course.
Osaka = okonomiyaki, so they say. So I had to have some, didn't I? We went to a 29th floor restaurant... and got seating right in the centre, where we couldn't see anything. Above, the waiter mixing it, hands moving so fast they blurred.
Adding the katsuoboshi.
Adding the special sauce.
With aonori added, and ready to eat!
Finally, on the way home, an ekiben. It came wrapped as above, the inside below.

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