Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pool 2

We made to a pool again today! This time Shimin Pool, the public town pool, which is pretty crap, and which Lena complained about, until I offered her the alternative of going on her own to Baachan's for the afternoon, upon which she decided it really would be okay.

Up a little late today, 8am, laundry and cleaning, blah blah blah, walked Amy to school, did some proofreading, warmed up the lasagne for lunch, then went to visit Chiharu and beautiful, and very sleepy baby Seina. We nearly managed to convince shy Seiya to join us in the pool, but maybe next time.

I forgot the pool had set times. 3 2.5hr sessions, and we came in the middle of one, so we only got just over an hour in the pool in the end, but that was fine.

The girls finished up the day at their English class at Keio, while I cooked and Kanji fixed some of the screen doors, so we can have the windows open without the mozzies coming in. Then we had a stir-fry for dinner, got Erica to bed early, and played a board game, Life, together in the evening. Typical summer holiday day!

PS, just read a blog from two years ago, complaining about the electricity. Well, we finally got it fixed, and we can now vacuum AND have the air conditioner on at the same time.

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