Friday, July 30, 2010


Beach today!

I love the ocean. In the pool the other day, I got bored pretty quickly, and started watching the clock and putting a time limit on our fun. But I seem to be able to just hang out and chill in the ocean for hours on end! I'm not sure why, maybe you can relax more with the salty water helping you stay bouyant, maybe it's the attractive scenery, or the interesting things to watch (sand moving, stone and shells, catching wakame, watching out for jellyfish and the occasional flying fish) or that you can do more interesting things like use the boogie board, or go snorkeling. But a lot of the time I was just in the shallows, accompanying Erica, sitting on a ring, or lying on the boogie board or just floating there, relaxing.

At the same time it's so exhausting! It's the heat, I suppose, it just took it out of us. It doesn't help that our car has no air conditioning, and we returned home in the hottest part of the day, to catch a play-date who didn't turn up...

See the yellow spot right in the centre? That's Lena's ring. All three girls are there in their rings.


Gaijin Wife said...

Nagasakibana must have no reception does it? Ryu slept for ages and I tried to ring just before lunch to see what stage you guys were at. Had Granny K not needed to run errand after fuckin errand I would have just turned up. Shit it was hot though.

Great pics.

Rachel said...

I think there is a reception for the campsite, but for the swimming beach, there's just an old guy in his underwear sleeping on a sofa outside of a shack, who rouses, stunned, from his nap long enough to collect your 500yen and tell you where to park. I think he may not know what a phone is. We ran out of time to pop in to see you after lunch, rushing home for a playdate that didn't happen. Maybe next time!