Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Karaage Festival

My Three Girls in Yukata, Amy and Lena in the ones they were given after the fashion show, Erica wearing one too!

The arcade street scene, with tanabata bamboo decorations and street stalls, mostly selling karaage (fried chicken,
left: strolling down the old streets near our house; this one has mostly bars on it! Right, on the festival street, the kids are choosing drinks, and going for the ramune, old-fashioned lemonade in an old-fashioned bottle with a marble stopper.

Bon odori dancers in the setting sun, dancing underneath the train tracks. Right, the scene by night.

One aim for the night was to enter the yukata fashion show. You just lined up, got your photo taken, then went on the stage to speak to the DH Asuka (who emcee'd the event the weekend before) and get a towel. I'm not sure if or when we get to see the photos! Right, Amy looking pensive.

Lena and Erica. It's hard to get photos of them NOT smiling or posing!

Me and the Man. He was on the door at an event for his club. Originally it was a 3,500 all-you-can-eat buffet plus all-you-can-drink, ending at 9pm, but there mustn't have been many takers, as the rules changed to Buy-your-own drinks and FREE food!

And one extra!


anchan said...

Very cute! I'm looking forward to dressing M up in yukata this year :-)

Gaijin Wife said...

you are looking lovely - so not like thirty something mother of three children!! The girls look beautiful of course and hub looking very staunch in his 'work' happy.

Rachel said...

Yeah, what's with the staunch face?? He's putting on his serious, I'm so cool face, but honestly he looks cuter when he smiles!

Gaijin Wife said...

Hey, Marina's still not 100% so not sure if any of us will make it tomorrow. Will call and let you know though. If no, then I hope you all have a fabulous time.

Bryn said...

You all look great! The girls are beautiful, Erica is getting sooo big!