Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Monday

Had a very busy but satisfying day.

I slept in until nearly 10!! That was amazing. K. took the girls for a walk. It was lovely waking up to an already cooled room, everyone quietly sitting inside. Erica still in her pyjamas - she had gone on the walk still wearing them apparently. Despite the fact that her chest of drawers is right there under the window, pretty big and unmissable, he can't seem to find it.

I spend the day slowly cleaning up the rooms after yesterday's party. That plus the kitchen took half the day! I like our new arrangement though, with the jungle gym outside, the sofa along the un-used doors, it opens up the rooms a bit and turns it into one combined space, which is better for the summer vacation, I think. The jungle gym's not really for the outdoors, but I have it covered with the over-turned, empty swimming pool.

All three girls were in the pool by 10:15, and only came out so they could go to another pool (the school pool) after which they came home and got ready to go to a third pool (swimming lesson). We will be visiting at least two other pools and the ocean this week, go summer!!!

I planned the week's menus and went out to four different shops to buy all the things we need. I got home, and cleaned out the pool, and made muesli, pesto and goma-ae while cooking a very simple meal for the kids of cold tofu, sausages, rice and soup.

We have a super week planned. To the nagare pool tomorrow, teacher home-visits on Wednesday, between which I'll have the girls in the kitchen making lasagne, then the beach on Thursday, town pool on Friday. Next week is even busier, but that can wait...

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Gaijin Wife said...

10am!! That should be illegal when you still have a child younger than three. Yay hub for taking them all out - even if Erica was sashaying round the neighborhood in her PJs.

Thanks for yesterday. You over here to nagasakibana on Thursday then? let me know times.