Friday, July 23, 2010

Nakatsu Gion Matsuri - Kurayanashi Jinja on Friday night

Lanterns hanging in front of the shrine's torii gate and pine trees.

My three, with ramune, candy apple and frank on a stick.

Festival participants on the sea wall in front of the fireworks display.
Getting ready to enter the shrine. See the video below to watch them run in, hurtle round the corner and nearly topple the float. Apparently the next night one of them did fall over and crush someone by the wall.


Gaijin Wife said...

great pics. Erica showing a bit of leg in her Yukata there. Tell me she didn't eat that whole sausage on her own??

Vicky said...

The sillhouetted photo is brilliant - really evocative!

Rachel said...

Katy, of course not, she ate three bites and rejected it, but they only came in one size and she was happy to get it. Are you okay for Friday for the beach?

Vicky, I took about twenty before I got it right! Yay for digital cameras!