Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion Show

Amy and Lena modeled in a fashion show! The ad below calls for volunteer models - no payment, but you get to keep the swimsuit or yukata (summer cotton kimono) you model. It seemed like an interesting thing to do, so I submitted applications for them, and they got in!

The event was put on by the local fm radio station that their father has had quite a lot to do with, and is currently doing a radio show for. Amy and Lena and I have all done English show name announcements for the station, they and their giggles can be heard every day around lunchtime announcing the Aroma Cafe Lunchtime show. You can listen online here

Of course all of this background is probably part of the reason they were chosen, but of course their proud mother likes to think it's also because they are so beautiful!

Lena coming onto the catwalk. She was the first on, and I was very proud of her poise, I thought it was quite a scary thing to do, being the first on. Also her shoes were too small, so she had to pretend they weren't squeezing her feet. She did great!

She is wearing a yukata from Comme ca Ism, a popular boutique selling men's, women's and children's clothes. That's a face in profile on the skirt, like the Kagura dancing princess mask. She got to keep the yukata, pink obi and geta (shoes) but had to give the twirly whirly back.
Amy came on a bit later.
I don't know where her yukata came from, but it's lovely! She kept that, plus the obi, bow and geta. She had to give the bag back. She hated her hair!

Lena and her fake Comme ca Ism family in matching yukatas!

Amy with the other young girls: on the left, Nana, 11 and Hina, 13 on the right.

The whole group, women's and kids' swimwear, kids' and adults' yukatas.


Lulu said...

Wow! What a lovely experience for them. It looks like fun and nice that they can keep the yukata`s they wore.

They both look stunning. And you deserve to be a proud mummy!

Bryn said...

Wow Rach, they are so beautiful! I did a lot of modelling when I was here as kid. It was loads of fun, and made for some great memories.

象さん said...

Fun! Your girls look gorgeous! Sitting in my jinbe here-can I shop online, or will I have to come for a visit?! Cheers.

Corinne said...

Your girls are so beautiful! And look so graceful, such a good memory for them!

umebossy said...

They're so brave! I never would have had the nerve to do something like that when I was their age.

By the way, did you just send a bookmooch book to Tokyo? The receiver was me! I thought I recognised your name on the other side of the envelope from the google connect thing on my blog. Hello! ;)

Rachel said...

Thanks guys!

Jodie, you can get some comme ca ism stuff on Rakuten, but I didn't see this yukata. I didn't look really hard though.

Umebossy, yes, I did just send a book to Tokyo - the Historian? Happy reading, I really enjoyed it!

umebossy said...

Yeah, that's the one. Small world!

Rachel said...

Actually it's the third time in a month I've sent books to people I know!

Midori said...

They are stunning! They have gotten so grown-up as well. It is weird but I guess alot of the kids I remember from when I was a member of MIJ are kind of frozen in time in my head so I was surprised to see them looking so grown-up as I remember when they were Joey's age/ younger! Those yukata are beautiful and actually I think getting something like that is even better than money!