Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sumie Beach, Sunday

At about this time last week, there I was, on that beach, with that very beer in my hand. God, it was a good one! I might write about it in a moment, but for now, a few pix will do

Me, looking a little Islamic because I am sick to death of coming back bright red and gingerly showering and dressing for days after the beach. It's very light cotton, and very freeing because then I can stop worrying if I have enough sunblock on. The hat stayed on too! On the right, my husband looking SO uncharacteristically beachy. He is NOT an ocean-going kind of guy, that's MY board!

My cute toddler. Say no more.

Cute toddler and her birthday twin, Yuki.
He copied everything she did, including taking a drink at the exact same time she did! On the right, his aunt, she did actually get in the water, in her burkini top. We were lucky to grab this cute little shelter on the beach, I could have stayed there all day!

There were other kids there too, though we didn't see much of them. Here they are, in mixed order from both days, when the sat still long enough for me to get a shot:

Nako and Karin on the left, Amy on the right. Momoka and Lena bottom right, after Yukko did their make-up. Below left, all the kids at breakfast the next day

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