Thursday, August 05, 2010

Oops, I did it again!

Broke my toe, that is. First time was in NZ last year, when I whacked it into a low concrete wall in my brother's garden.

This time all it took was a door frame. A bloody door frame! I went swimming, semi-body-boarding (alas, no waves, so no fun), snorkeling, tramped through a gorge and drove for hours, but it wasn't any of these interesting things that got me, it was just walking through a door. I don't even think I was drunk, I'd had only one pint of beer several hours earlier, in fact I was on my way to the fridge to get the wine.

I was going to leave it, but then I hit it again yesterday, on a door again - the dinner out, drinks with friends at two pubs, two English lessons, shopping, delivery of kids to camp and attendance at said camp's camp fire and smores feast last night all were fine - I did myself in getting a nappy out of the closet! It hurt so much I actually did cry! So I decided to go in and get it seen to.

So, I am on rest and elevation, which is not easy! Laundry, shopping, cooking... even my proofreading is proving hard, as I have to try to elevate the foot - not easy when you are typing! My other computer is lower, with a floor chair, but my wireless won't work for some reason, so I've spent the day trying to fix that. Sheesh!

Erica's being kept happy with Dora DVDs, but she misses her sisters I am sure. I think I will be lining them up for more stays at friends' houses though, as hobbly limping no-swimming Mummy is so NOT fun for the summer holidays!


anchan said...

Come on, you've got to tell us more than that!!

Rachel said...

Accidentally pressed 'Publish' but very quickly edited and completed the post, you must be very quick!

anchan said...

Oh no! Ouch!! I hope the pain has subsided now, and that you heal quickly. Is it the same toe as last time? xxx

Lulu said...


I hope it gets better soon.

Also hope Erica finds some playmates soon.

siti the twins said...

you should be careful next time...

Gaijin Wife said...

Indeed you should be careful next time :D You will now need to train the girls to get the wine for you. What a bugger in the middle of summer holidays.

Nakamuras on Saipan said... are my twin...I have done that four times now and my husband says he is going to insist I wear steel-toed boots in the house. I KNOW how much that HURTS....!! Ouchy!

Rachel said...

Anchan, not the same toe, but the matching one on the other foot!

GW, these days the girls are simply not to be found when we have a barbecue or go camping. They appear miraculously when the food does, then go away again. On balance, I think this is good!

Actually the summer hols is probably the best time, all things considered. At least I can take the girls with me to do shopping etc, and I have no outside jobs to do. Bummer for the girls, but I will chase up some over-nighters for them.

Ms N on S, only problem is you can't have shoes inside in Japan. Technically it was a wooden floor, so I could have had slippers on. I wonder if anyone sells steel-toed slippers?