Monday, August 30, 2010


I feel a bit odd posting about my pressies, like I'm skiting or something, so this is mostly for my own records, as I know I will forget if not who gave them to me, then at least when and why!

Except for the iphone of course, I will not forget that, and for the record, I am officially skiting:

It's so cool! Unfortunately the kids think so too, and the unintended consequence of this gift is that the kids have become what I call DSified, that is, inclined to spending long periods of time sitting absolutely still save for rapidly moving fingers, dead to all the world but that shining screen. Okay, and me too, sometimes...

From Lena, a gold locket.

From Amy, a green flower pendant.

And they even helped Erica 'buy' me a present - an eraser pen, for my puzzling.

From work, a pretty bunch of flowers, and another one from K, as the iphone didn't arrive in time - two scented candles, which together with the flowers made a nice centrepiece for the table.

From me to me: I bought several pairs of shoes! These two very pretty sandals, plus a more utilitarian pair of men's sandals that K will probably inherit next year. On the right, from Japan, for work, so I wouldn't be wearing jandals to work. On the left, the very popular fitflops, which supposedly exercise your thighs and butt. If you could find my thighs and butt under all the, um, insulation... I got sparkly ones so I would have something to wear out at night and not feel like I was going out wearing jandals.

A gorgeous bag from Raoul and Ana.

Decorations for my party, by Amy. Chocolate ice cream (she knows what I love), a cracker and alternating girl and boy pumpkin heads. Not sure where the inspiration for that came from!


umebossy said...

Shiny shiny! Sorry to hear you're having to fight for your iphone though ;)

What does skiting mean? Showing off? In Scotland skite means to throw something or slip/glance off something.

Rachel said...

Yes, it means show off. I'm not skiting about my new phone, not skiting on it! ouch!