Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Barbecue

The scene by night. Yes, this is 'camping', Japanese style. Actually they do have free camping and tent sites, but no caravans and very few campervans, but lots of these cabins - kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning and TV seem to be the 'basics'. Yokomatsu family had one half, Harada family had the other half.

Left: Mums. Right: action freeze function. You can tell I have a new camera to play with!

Below, Maki's bosses at the Indian restaurant, Sunit and Mr. P. ably manning the barbies.

Another J. bbq essential - firework

Takuya and wife Maki and the Indian bosses.

Right, Kanji and Osamu, band mate and friend from way back. We three occupied these chairs and downed far too many drinks, stumbling back to the cabin at god knows what time. Erica conveniently fell asleep all by herself on a futon we'd laid out in the cabin, and Lena and Amy also both put themselves to bed, albeit with their buddy Momoka. I don't know what time they went to sleep, and I don't care!