Thursday, August 12, 2010

A day to love the internet

For someone who is stuck at home with a broken toe I had such varied contact with such a wide variety of friends yesterday, almost all thanks to the internet.

I called my sister and talked for half and hour this morning, not directly internet-related, but it was in response to an email I got from her early this morning. And I was visited by another friend in the afternoon, who I met in real life too - but we spent our afternoon poring over food porn on the internet and planning our menus!

But in addition to that, I sent an email to a friend in Hong Kong, hopefully to arrange a meet-up in December, a real-life friend in Japan to arrange a meet-up next week, my sister who had some comments about my new blog The Greenwood Family (itself another online project, of course) and a facebook message to an old Boarding School buddy who is now in Saudi Arabia. She got my name on facebook when I commented on the wall of another school friend now living in Australia. Another friend kindly allowed me to rant in her direction about the Journal, while on chat later on, a mutual friend had a lovely old rant in my direction! What would we do without these outlets?

I started a new job yesterday, again over the internet, now I have two online jobs. I sent a few emails related to my volunteer position (again conducted 100% online) at AFWJ.

Then there were the facebook comments... love it, hate it, where else can you play a scrabble move with a buddy in England, reminisce about pineapple lumps with an old school friend in Australia, and check out some photos of another friend's baby in Tennessee? The world is again a village.

And while I do admit I should get off my bum and exercise more, I would DIE if someone cut off my internet!

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