Saturday, August 07, 2010

On the Road

Singing their favorite Abba song, Honey Honey. Ipod keeps us sane on long trips - Ozone's Numa Numa song has a miraculous ability to stop them feeling car sick!

Kids in car. Heaven or hell? There were moments of sheer horror, but mostly we had fun, and I just such a sense of relaxation and happiness being will all my family, on the road and away from the cares and habits of home. Above right: The Policeman who pulled up Osamu. Yes!! Sorry, but after years of insisting on my kids wearing seat belts while this family never used them, and kept saying "It's okay, it's okay" they finally got pulled up and fined for it. Below left: Michi no Eki. Driving essential in Japan. In New Zealand, it's the service station stop, with pies and cups of coffee and magazines and chocolate and toilets. In Japan, it's the Michi no Eki or Road Station, with it's souvenir shops, noodles, canned coffee and toilets. Below right: Where is the beach?? After passing the road sign pointing to the beach, we went through rice paddies and forests and up over a mountain or two, for miles, with not even a glimpse of the ocean; even AFTER we parked and changed into our togs in the cabins, we still hadn't seen the sea yet!

Just a brief shot of the road, the valley, the bridge, and the kids.

On the way to Takachiho from Nobeoka, a lovely river. Above right: typical Japanese road, with a bridge and a tunnel. Below left: a really high bridge, or at least I though so at the time, but they kept getting higher as we headed toward Takachiho. Below right: A valley between Takachiho and Taketa in southern Oita prefecture.

Saving the best until last - even if you don't watch the other vids, watch this one!

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